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95% of burn injuries worldwide occur in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) and 70% affect children. One of the biggest barriers to good quality burn care in these countries is a lack of resources, including the most precious resource of all: skilled, knowledgeable and motivated staff.



Many of the medical personnel treating burn patients have little or no training in burn care. Unfortunately, this means they often treat burns conservatively, leaving wounds to heal rather than providing appropriate surgery, cleaning, dressing and therapy. As a result, many minor and moderate burns lead to death and disability from infection, burn contractures and other complications that can be avoided through safe, cheap and effective treatments such as early skin grafting.

The majority of training that is available has been developed for facilities in high income countries and have limited relevance for low resource environments, where the majority of burn patients worldwide are treated. To address this issue, Interburns has developed training courses ‘from the ground up’ that are specifically tailored to the needs and resources of low and middle income countries. Since 2006, Interburns has trained over 1,800 health care professionals to provide good quality care to burn patients in Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Malawi, Nepal, Pakistan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Our training is guided by the philosophy that all burns patients can be provided with good quality care despite limited resources.

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