EBC training for nurses in Bangladesh

The Acid Survivors Foundation and the National Institute of Burns and Plastic Surgery recently organised two 2 day Essential Burn Care trainings at Dhaka Medical College Hospital. It was aimed primarily at nurses treating burns at this large and very busy service, which typically has 400-500 inpatients a day. This training also acts as an important preliminary training before the delivery of an Advanced Burn Care Nursing training at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in March 2016. 36 Bangladeshi nurses participated and feedback was excellent, many staff found the training engaging and inspirational.

Interburns will send a team of nurses to DMCH in November to work with local staff and prepare for the ABC Training in March. ABC Nursing is being developed by a diverse international team including nurses from the UK, Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia, following a consultation workshop to decide the curriculum held in Accra, Ghana in May of this year.

ABC programmes are five day, highly practical trainings with staff working directly with patients on wards. The first ABC Programme in Rehabilitation, aimed at physiotherapists and occupational therapists, was delivered successfully at DMCH in March 2015. Additional modules will be developed on Acute and Reconstructive Surgery in Burns, Prevention, Critical Care and Nutrition.