Choithram Hospital brings survivors together.

Burn survivors often feel isolated. With support from ITC, India, survivors have been sharing their experiences of being burned and their rehabilitation. Many have gone on to be social workers active in promoting burn prevention in their communities.

A local NGO and a businessman plan to make a directory and help survivors find employment. A prosthetic company explained the importance of prostheses for amputees. Dr. Shobha Chamania, Dr. Geetika Paliwal and Dr. Rajpal Singh gave motivational speeches. Physiotherapist Ms Pranita Sharma said ‘everyone enjoyed the programme and the day was an important moment for survivors to forget their past, their scars and their struggle. We have tried to help them achieve their normal life and help them to be filled with fun, hope and happiness’.

Congratulations to the team at Choithram for their hard work in running another successful meeting for survivors to share their stories and experiences.

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