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The Interburns Training Centre (ITC) in India offers burn care fellowships in the typical working environment and resource level of a burn unit in a Low or Middle Income country.


The ITC enables us to deliver fellowships in the real life context of an operational burns unit in India and ensure that what is learnt is relevant to a practitioner who will be working in similar conditions in their own country.The Interburns Training Centre (ITC) is based at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. The ITC is a 14 bed Burn Unit admitting more than 220 acute burns and treating 1,000 outpatients per year and is led by Dr Shobha Chamania, a highly experienced and internationally renowned surgeon. The ITC has offered fellowships to burn professionals from a range of countries including Nepal, India, Tanzania, Uganda and Afghanistan.


Interburns offers Fellowships to general, plastic or paediatric surgeons wishing to gain further experience of comprehensive burn management. Fellowships are flexible in length and can run from one month to one year. While the primary focus of the fellowship is on clinical care, our aim is for all Fellows to leave the training centre with the ability to provide a comprehensive burn care service and achieve the best outcomes for patients. In order to achieve this, burn care practitioners need to have an understanding of all aspects of burns from primary prevention through to rehabilitation, as well as administration, fund raising and advocacy.

If you are interested in undertaking an Interburns fellowship please contact us using the form below or via email to


How to Apply?

To apply for an Interburns Fellowship, please make sure you follow these steps below.

  1. Please complete the fellowship form to the right providing us with your contact details and basic information.
  2. Please draft a letter outlining your experience and interests in burn care, why you wish to undertake an Interburns fellowship, and the particular areas where you are seeking training (clinical and non-clinical).
  3. Please email the letter and your full CV/resume to our office.



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