“See Your Hands” – Hand hygiene supports safe surgical care (April 2016)

April 19, 2016
Richard Bendell

For 5 May 2016, the annual World Health Organisation (WHO) campaign day, the theme is “See Your Hands – hand hygiene supports safe surgical care – Practice hand hygiene for surgical patients from admission to discharge”.

On the campaign web pages you can find promotional posters intended for use in every facility in every country to highlight the importance of this year’s campaign message.

Please see below for links to the English and French versions:



For information the following resources are currently on the web page:

  • The 5 May 2016 promotional poster
  • A poster to promote infection prevention and surgical teams working together on hand hygiene – this year’s photo opportunity!
  • A #safesurgicalhands promotional board to use for your photo opportunity – you can download and print or save to a tablet device.