Raising Awareness of Burns in Guwahati, India (February 2016)

February 11, 2016
Richard Bendell


Burns are a significant cause of death and disability in India, particularly in rural communities. Compounding the problem, there is also a very limited awareness among the general public of how common burns are and how they should be treated, with a lack of effective first aid often leading to a worse injury. Burns are often a devastating and life-changing injury that leaves many patient with serious disability, making the prevention of burns from occurring a high priority.


One of Interburns’s partners in India, the Burn Care Foundation in Guwahati, Assam, has been running numerous awareness programmes to make people in their region more aware of how to prevent and treat burn injuries. ON the 5th of February, they led a day long burn awareness day in collaboration with the Association of Surgeons of Assam. The day started with a public rally starting from NEMCARE Hospital, which was intended to spread the message of correct First Aid and Prevention of burn accidents, The rally included 100 people and was led by Indian film actress Smt. Moloya Goswami. Thereafter, an exhibition, depicting developments in burn care at Guwahati and ‘First Aid and Prevention of Burn Accidents’ was inaugurated by Dr Manoj Kr. Choudhury, President of the Association of Surgeons of Assam at NEDFI House.


In the afternoon, a seminar was held for medical professionals on the topic ‘Present and Future of Burns Management’. Speakers at the seminar included Dr Rajeev B Ahuja (president of the International Society of Burn Injuries), Dr R N Majumder,(Marowari Hospital, Guwahati), Dr Seema Rekha Devi (Guwahati Medical College) and Interburns team member, Dr Bhupendra Prasad Sarma (Nemcare Hospital), who also convened the day as a whole.


Events like these are crucial in raising awareness of burns in India and elsewhere in Asia. Interburns would like to offer our sincere thanks and congratulations to Dr B.P. Sarma and his colleagues at Nemcare Hospital for this successful programme and their continuing dedication to changing the picture of burns in their region. That dedication is clear in their continuing initiatives to improve burn care and prevention in Guwahati and the wider Assam region.