Partnership with Nepal Burn Society

April 04, 2013

Partnership with Nepal Burn Society, Standards Assessment Tool and Essential Burn Care Training in Nepal (8th -15th April 2013)

A large team recently visited Nepal to sign an MOU with Nepal Burn Society, begin the development of an assessment tool based on the standards for burn services, and deliver further EBC and TOT training to local professionals. The training team combined international faculty including Shobha Chamania, Shariq Ali, Anirban Mandal, Rajeswari Dharmarajan, Bhupendra Sarma, RuthAnn Fanstone and Shakeel Rahman with local team members including Nara Devi Bariya, Shankar Rai, Ishwar Lohani, Ramana Rajkarnikar and Poonam Pandey, among others. Over 3 days of training at Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital and Kirtipur Hospital, the combined team taught 52 candidates in Essential Burn Care and another 23 as instructors.

Anirban Nepal EBC (April 2013)

Meanwhile the assessment team including Sian Falder, Tom Potokar, R.P. Chaudhary and Jeremy Holland, began the development of an assessment and quality improvement tool to enable health facilities to assess themselves against the standards and improve the level of care they provide. The team also met with a number of key agencies in Nepal including the WHO and DFID to discuss the forthcoming project to implement the standards in Nepal.

The 8th of April was a historic moment for Interburns as it signed an MOU with our partner, the Nepal Burn Society, to work together to deliver the standards in Nepal. Particular thanks are due to all our friends and colleagues in Nepal for their enormous hard work in making the arrangements for the training, assessment and the launch event with Nepal Burn Society.