Nutrition fellowships in Indore, India (May 2017)

May 30, 2017
Richard Bendell
Staff at the Interburns Training Centre at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre in Indore continue to offer fellowships in burn care to a range of colleagues from various countries, including dieticians and nutrition staff. Most recently, Maghida Shridhar became the first Indian Interburns Nutrition Fellow and the third successful fellow after James Flyn (from Bournemouth University, UK) and Mira Shah (from Nepal).
Maghida successfully completed a short 10 day fellowship. During the fellowship she covered a number of key topics on burns nutrition, including
1. Basics of burns nutrition management
2. Nutrition assessment and monitoring with different types of burn injury
3. Complete nutrition Care process for burns with effective documentation
4. Nutritional challenges during the burn management

Maghida will also complete a short research topic as a pilot study based on the challenges faced in treatment during her fellowship. Another nutrition fellow Ms. Anuradha Sharma is also currently studying at the ITC with Ms Pratibha Sharma, who is the Consultant Dietician in charge of the nutrition fellowship programme.

If you are interested in completing a fellowship in burn care at the Interburns Training Centres in Indore, India or Kirtipur, Nepal, please send a message to office at interburns dot org with your details and resume/CV.