Essential Burn Care training in Nepalgunj, Nepal (December 2018)

January 09, 2019
Richard Bendell

Essential Burn Care is a training course developed by Interburns specifically for health care staff working in low and middle income countries. Since 2013, EBC has been delivered independently in Nepal by local faculty through our local partner, Nepal Burn Society, with a total of 755 staff trained in hospitals across Nepal. This training is delivered in the local language, enabling us to train staff in remote rural districts at a fraction of the cost of sending an international team.

In late December, NBS completed a further training in Nepalgunj, a city in the far west of Nepal. Bheri Zonal Hospital in Nepalgunj has the only government burn service in this region of Nepal. The training targeted staff not just from Bheri hospital, but also the Armed Police Force Hospital, Tribhuvan University (Nepaljung Nursing Campus), Military Hospital Nepalgunj, and Nepalgunj Medical College.

A total of 32 staff attended the training on the 22nd of December. The majority of participants trained were nursing staff, in addition to a number of ancillary staff, doctors and a physiotherapist. EBC is a full day training covering all the core aspects of essential burn care in resource-poor environments, delivered in a practical, interactive format through small group discussions, lectures and skill stations.

The faculty for the training included a mixture of surgeons, doctors, nurses and a therapist:

  • Dr Ishwar Lohani
  • K.N. Joshi
  • Dr Sandesh Prakash Maskey
  • Poonam Pandey
  • Kalpana Sitaula
  • Anil Dhital

Interburns would like to thank Nepal Burn Society and all members of the faculty for running the EBC training. We would also like to thank the UK Department for International Development (DFID) for its support for our overall programme in Nepal, which DFID has funded since 2013 through two consecutive 3 year projects.

Interburns is currently developing a digital version of Essential Burn Care as an online training module, which will be accessible to participants from across the world.