In 2014, two families involved in Interburns are taking a creative approach to the challenge of raising funds for and awareness of the issue of burns by travelling on motorbikes from Nepal through north east India to Bangladesh, visiting a number of facilities Interburns works with as well as meeting both burns staff and patients: The Kathmandu to Dhaka (K2D) trip.

The purpose of this ride is to:

  • Raise £100 per mile and a total of over £150,000 for Interburns, which will be used to improve burn care and prevention in the three countries visited.
  • Raise international awareness of the issue of burns in a refreshing and innovative way that looks at the impact on individuals, families and communities.
  • Provide a unique perspective on a global health problem in low and middle income countries by viewing the issue and the people if impacts through the eyes of children.

Please support our efforts to raise funds for Interburns by sponsoring a mile or giving a donation to this vital cause.


Fundraising Auction

Many pieces of art work will be sold at auction at the Interburns Fundraising Hog Roast on July 14.

Click here to view the art work on auction.

You may view more information about the fundraising event by clicking the flyer below.

K2D Fundraising Event Flyer

A trip with a purpose

Our two families will ride from Kathmandu, Nepal across Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal in India to Dhaka, Bangladesh. As Interburns’ team members, we already have extensive experience of working with local partners and teaching in Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

The entire trip will be made into a film that will capture the imagination of viewers while giving them unique insights into the suffering and disability caused by burns. The trip is an exploration of the issue of burns through a physical and spiritual journey that will show the real impact of these injuries on the lives of ordinary people in the countries and communities we will visit.

Making the film

The team will travel with an experienced film maker, Tom Woodrow. He is going to film the trip as well as the planning, training and build up to it. The film will be made into a DVD and shown throughout the UK, including the Geek Media Adventure Travel Cinema and Austin Vince Adventure Travel Film Festival. Austin is a great believer in Interburns and has recently joined us as a patron for Interburns. Austin said: “It is a huge privilege to be associated with Interburns. I am right behind the charity and the forthcoming Kathmandu to Dhaka trip.”

We have already involved the local community (including our children schools and local businesses) and the biker community in the UK in fundraising and awareness-raising events for the trip.

Raising £100 per mile

The trip will also aim to raise a total of £150,000 for Interburns, which works to improve burn care and prevention. Interburns is a registered charity in the UK that has an international volunteer network of doctors, nurses, therapists and other medical experts working in burns, the majority of whom live in Asia and Africa. This dedicated team have already trained over 1,800 burn professionals in improved burn care over the last 7 years, guided by our core philosophy that all burn patients can receive good quality care despite limited resources.

A childs perspective

Although it is no longer unusual to see a group of adults undertake an overland adventure on motorbikes, one never sees trips involving a whole family. Through this journey, our children will show the world their own views and feelings about travelling on motorbikes through low and middle income countries, talking about their encounters with the local communities and the patients. The film will include their video diaries of the journey.

The K2D Team

Tom Potokar

Director of Interburns. Burns & Plastic Surgeon, Welsh Centre for Burns & Plastic Surgery, Swansea, Wales

Dominique Potokar

Member of Interburns. Nurse specialized in Theatre & Burns

Arthur Potokar


Alex Potokar


Sian Falder

Member of Interburns. Pediatric Burns & Plastic Surgeon, Alderhey Hospital, Liverpool

Caradoc Jones

IT consultant

Eleanor Jones


Owen Jones


Richard Bendell

Director of Operations for Interburns.

Tom Woodrow

Film Maker, MD of Geek Media.