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Burns Nutrition Fellowships in Indore, India (July 2017)

Interburns has two international training centres based in Indore, India and Kirtipur, Nepal. The Interburns Training Centre in Indore recently hosted its fourth international burns nutrition fellow, Ms. Anuradha Sharma, who completed her one month fellowship from 25th May to

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Nutrition fellowships in Indore, India (May 2017)

Staff at the Interburns Training Centre at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre in Indore continue to offer fellowships in burn care to a range of colleagues from various countries, including dieticians and nutrition staff. Most recently, Maghida Shridhar became the first Indian Interburns Nutrition

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Burns Nutrition Fellowship at Interburns Training Centre, India

Nutrition plays a vital role in burn care. In particular, nutritional support represent a critical component in the care of acutely burned patients. The unique nutritional needs of a burn patient mean close attention must be paid to the unique

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