Burns Training in Silchar, India (August 2016)

August 11, 2016
Richard Bendell

Burns are a major cause of disability and death in South-East Asia in general, but particularly so in India. Many injuries occur in remote rural villages where medical care is limited, with burns disproportionately affecting young women and children. The Burn Care Foundation is a social unit of Nemcare Hospital in Guwahati, India, which has delivered Essential Burn Care training 11 times in the Assam region of India, with support from the Association of Surgeons of Assam. The latest training was at Silchar Medical College on 6th August 2016. The program was intended to impart basic and advanced burn care training to the doctors, nurses and paramedics involved in treatment of burn injured patients at the Medical College Hospital.


The training program designed by INTERBURNS covers emergency and surgical management of burns, rehabilitation of burn victims and prevention of burn accidents, over the course of one day. There were a total of 57 participants – 47 doctors (including 21 post graduate students and 6 Interns), 9 nurses and 1 physiotherapist.  The program was rated as useful and informative by all participants in the post-course feedback.


The program started with an introductory talk by Dr Sumitra Hagjer, Prof and Head of the Department of Surgery, Silchar Medical College. She also introduced the faculties of Burn Care Foundation and welcomed the participants. Dr Bhupendra Prasad Sarma, Convener of Burn Care Foundation, a Senior Consultant Burn Surgeon, NEMCARE Hospital, Guwahati, and a member of INTERBURNS, initiated the training with audio- visual presentations on objectives of the training and Assessment and Management of burn patients. He also talked about team work and motivation required for management of burn patients. Dr Nareswar Sarma, Senior Consultant Surgeon, NEMCARE Hospital, Guwahati, delivered presentations on Rehabilitation of Burn victims. Thereafter, there were video presentations, demonstrations on dressing and operation techniques and how the new techniques have improved the outcome of burn injured patients. There were lively interactions among the faculties and participants in the small group discussions.


Interburns would like to thank Dr Bhupendra Sarma and his colleagues from the Burn Care Foundation, Association of Surgeons of Assam and Silchar Medical College Hospital for all their work in putting together another successful training programme to improve burn care and prevention in North-east India.