Burns Nutrition Fellowships in Indore, India (July 2017)

July 07, 2017
Richard Bendell
Interburns has two international training centres based in Indore, India and Kirtipur, Nepal. The Interburns Training Centre in Indore recently hosted its fourth international burns nutrition fellow, Ms. Anuradha Sharma, who completed her one month fellowship from 25th May to 25th June 2017.
During the fellowship program Anuradha received training about the basic and advances of burns nutrition management, attending twice daily patient rounds with Nutrition fellowship lead and consultant dietician Pratibha Sharma and the unit’s Senior Consultants. She learned about nutrition assessment, calculation of the nutritional requirements of patients of different ages and sizes, and monitoring in different type of burns, along with the co-morbidities of burns, different nutritional formula preparations and counselling the patients to keep up with the planned diet and fluid requirements. Anuradha will complete a case study for major burns with diabetes, which will be presented at the Annual National Conference of Indian Dietetic Association .
Interburns would like to thank Pratibha for her continuing dedication in running the nutrition fellowship programme in Indore. Anyone interested in applying for an international fellowship in burns nutrition should contact the Interburns office (office AT interburns DOT org).