Burn Training in Tansen in rural Nepal (March 2016)

March 30, 2016
Richard Bendell

Our local partners in Nepal, Nepal Burn Society recently completed a further Essential Burn Care training in Tansen, in Palpa district in rural Nepal. NBS now deliver burn training in Nepal completely independently in the local language, enabling them to train staff in remote rural districts and at a fraction of the cost of sending an international team. Our joint programme in Nepal was disrupted and delayed by the earthquake in May of last year and the political crises and fuel blockade by India that followed later in 2015.


NBS’s faculty includes a mix of experienced surgeons, doctors, nurses, therapist and other health professionals to deliver this 1 day training covering all the core aspects of essential burn care in resource-poor environments. The training was delivered to 32 participants, all of whom were from United Mission Hospital (an NGO hospital), or nearby Lumbini Medical College and Palpa Hospital, government health services.


Despite the disruptions throughout 2015, NBS have continued to do a fantastic job in training local staff. Since this joint project began in July 2013, they have trained a total of 445 health care staff in Nepal, including 132 surgeons and doctors, 189 nurses, 26 therapists and 96 other allied health professionals.


The experienced local faculty included staff from Kathmandu and Tansen, notably Dr Ishwar Lohani, Dr Bal Mukunda Basnet, Dr Arun Budha, Ms. Poonam Pandey, Mr. Paras Shrestha, Ms.Nara Devi Bariya and Ms. Mina Pandey. We would like to offer our sincere thanks to all of them for giving us their time and support for this programme.