Burn Survivors Meeting in Indore, India (June 2016)

June 30, 2016
Richard Bendell
In June, staff at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre in Indore, India, brought together a group of female burn survivors, with the aim of creating a friends club, that can also provide vocational training, camouflage sessions (to disguise scarring from burns) and discuss other issues. The first meeting was initiated with a Camouflage session by Mrs. Deepti Sharma, beautician, who also proposed a vocational training. Mrs. Sangeeta Joshi, a burn survivor and a social worker gave the suggestion of some cooking courses The survivors were also motivated to make some handicrafts so that the club can arrange some exhibitions of them.
Mrs. Mona Khujneri, M.P. Secretary, national human rights foundation assured all the survivors they would receive help, including providing prostheses for amputees. The foundation also provided a lunch for the meeting. Mrs. Pratibha Agrawal, president of Agrawal Samaj is giving a platform for female and child burn survivors for a fashion show and dance show where they will provide 7 days of accommodation, food and training prior to the show. The aim of this event is to help survivors be more sociable and lift their confidence and self esteem. This is proposed for November.
Mrs Gazala Shaikh, consultant with the George institute for global health had a talk with the survivors on challenges in Rehabilitation. The club also formed a whats app group that everyone is now active on. The meeting was organised by Pranita Sharma, a Physiotherapist at the burn unit in Choithram.