Burn survivors in India share their stories

November 18, 2014
Richard Bendell


For several years, the burn team at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, India (the Interburns Training Centre) have been organising a meeting of burn survivors to share their stories and experiences. The fourth meeting was held this year on the 10th of October 2014. The survivors were a mixture of adults and children who have been treated for burn injuries at Choithram.


The programme began with a short introduction by the survivors. Afterwards some of the survivors shared the story of their experience of being burned, post-injury rehabilitation and subsequent lives with others. Many are not only living a normal life but also working as social workers and are active in promoting burn prevention in their communities. A local NGO and a businessman from Indore also participated in this session and are planning to make a directory of the survivors and help them to get jobs. Some art and craft sessions were conducted to help the female survivors to start some employment in their home.


Post lunch, the team held a drawing competition for the children and a quiz competition on burn prevention. As some burn patients are amputees, a prosthetic company was there to explain the importance of prostheses and their use. The consultant team Dr. Shobha Chamania, Dr. Geetika Paliwal and Dr. Rajpal Singh motivated all the survivors through their speech. The sponsors for food and gifts in this meet are Dr. Shobha Chamania and Mrs. Sangeeta Joshi who is an active member Lion’s club and they distributed gifts as a token of love to the survivors. Physiotherapist Ms Pranita Sharma noted that ‘everyone enjoyed the programme thoroughly and the day was an important moment for our survivors to forget their past, their scars and their struggle. We have tried to help them achieve their normal life and help them to be filled with fun, hope and happiness. We have ended the session with a lovely dance by our survivors and all of us.’
Congratulations to the team at Choithram for all their hard work in running another successful meeting for survivors to share their stories and experiences with one another.