Burn Physiotherapy Fellowship in Sri Lanka (September 2014)

September 01, 2014
Richard Bendell

Pranita Sharma is a physiotherapist at the Interburns Training Centre at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Indore, India. While the ITC is usually the host for fellows from other countries – including Afghanistan, Nepal, Tanzania, and Uganda – on this occasion one of their team completed a fellowship abroad at the National Hospital in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Interburns supported Pranita’s visit to the burn unit there (led by Dr Chandini Perera) to learn more about the rehabilitation and physiotherapy services they offer. Pranita is a valuable member of the team at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre and Interburns was very happy to sponsor her fellowship with the team in Sri Lanka.


In Pranita’s words, ‘it was an amazing experience at National hospital, Colombo. I have seen their dressing techniques which are very unique in the manner of preventing contracture, minimizing stiffness and promoting movement. Their infection control is very good as there are no bystanders, they minimise the touching of the patient, and discharge the patient asap. They do early mobilisation which helps the patient to be independent from the early stages; every team member is concerned about the effective rehabilitation of patient from the very acute stage. Active movements are preferred so they give minimum sedation during the dressings, so that a patient can do the movements on their own. They have a very strict follow-up for up to one year where they monitor the patients on range of motion, scar management and their functional abilities. As a result, the contracture rate is low.’


‘Dr. Chandini and her team is putting tremendous efforts in not only saving the patients but also prevention and minimizing the rate of suicides. The whole staff was very much supportive and informative and I have gone through a very valuable time at National Hospital.’
Interburns would like to thank Dr Chandhini Perera and her team for hosting Pranita at the National Hospital in Colombo, as well as Dr Shobha Chamania, head of the burn unit at Choithram Hospital and Research Centre, Indore, India for helping to organise this opportunity. Congratulations and thanks to Pranita for all her hard work in completing the fellowship.